Preparation Pays

What seems so simple is often quite complex, and without preparation divorce can be expensive and painful when it doesn’t need to be.

    Get the Facts

If you are considering divorcing gather all of your separate and joint financial information including Income and Expenses and Assets and Liabilities.

We’ve learned that many people are overwhelmed by the process of gathering this information. Our clients receive a “Divorce Organizer” to help make it all easier, and we talk them through each step. When you don’t have to do it alone, its less stressful.

    Learn Which Divorce Process is Best for You and Your Family

You are unique. Divorce is a critical turning point in the life of a family. Every divorce has its own circumstances and facts. Volumes have been written about how to do this or that given this or that fact. But you and your family owe it to yourselves to carefully think about the alternatives that will be best for your future.

Consult with a divorce professional to learn about the different ways to divorce before deciding how to proceed. There’s a lot to know and much to be gained or lost by your choice of divorce process. Divorce process choices are:

Do It Yourself


Collaborative Divorce

(See Resources)


(Formal Court Process)


    Make Fully Informed Thoughtful Decisions

Get all the information you can about settlement alternatives and the laws of your state before you start to negotiate, collaborate, or make any decisions.

Reading and educating yourself is a good beginning, but there’s a limit to what you can know or achieve without experience and expertise of a professional.

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