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DFSYour Clients Will Thank You for the Referral

Contact UsA significant part of our business comes from referrals from financial advisors, mental health professionals, attorneys and CPAs. Why? These individuals understand our services complement theirs and provide added value for their clients.

They also know that:

DFSDivorce financial issues are unique and require specialized knowledge and skills.

DFSWe work with couples and individuals in all phases of the divorce process.

DFSWe offer fee-only divorce financial services including information preparation and settlement alternatives analysis.

DFSWe don’t offer or sell investments, portfolio management, insurance, or annuities, and we’re not affiliated with any broker dealer or insurance company.

DFSWe don’t offer or provide legal services or advice.

DFSWe don’t offer or provide accounting or tax preparation.

You’ll retain your relationship with your client, and throughout the process we’ll respect that relationship. After the divorce, we’ll no longer have any contact with your client.